With the expansion of our team here at the Waterfront, we are excited to introduce you to some of the venue staff as part of our people stories.

 First up we have Elaine Bowers. Elaine’s the Senior Front of House Assistant and has worked here for over 45 years.

She began her journey at the Theatre and Convention Centre as a receptionist, greeting the public as they came into the theatre. Starting out by working four hour shifts in the evenings, it wasn’t long before Elaine began gaining more experience with the conference side of the business, and worked her way up to become the Theatre Manager.

Recalling the times the theatre hosted the English Rose competitions in the Floral Gardens; and the senior talent competitions which took her all around the country, Elaine remembers meeting a variety of interesting people. This long list of stars includes; Lionel Richie, Diana Ross and David Essex (who she quotes has ‘amazing eyes!’). As a Supervisor Elaine got to meet all of the performers and ask them to sign the guestbook for the venue, which was a major perk of the job for her. Elaine loves Christmas time in the theatre when all the children come in excited for the pantomime. 

Originally from Southport, Elaine first began her working life in an office. However, after working in this industry, where every day is different and there’s always something exciting happening, she says that she cannot imagine doing anything else. This is a large reason why the business has been lucky enough to keep her for this long! As the Waterfront site evolved and the Hotel was built 10 years ago, she remembers her excitement of this development, as it meant their business could be supported by having a luxury hotel for their customers to stay in when visiting for conferences and events.

Through meeting Elaine and listening to her to talk about her time here, you can see her passion and how much she cares for the theatre and its history. Yet at the same time, her excitement for the future of the Waterfront is evident. Elaine has been here since the box office sold paper tickets, and she has embraced all of the changes over the years. She is definitely a fan of computers, especially if it makes her job easier.

After successfully carrying out the role of managing the theatre she voluntarily stepped back down to Supervisor level, and now spends her time passing on all of her knowledge and experience on to the younger assistants, mentoring and supporting them in their roles. Her motto for the team is that ‘there are never problems, only solutions’.

She thrives on making sure customers have the greatest experience when visiting. Elaine lights up when describing the thrill of hearing 1600 people laughing to a comedian in the theatre, and feeling the excitement in the room. For her, knowing that all of the customers are happy with their experience gives her real job satisfaction.  

So how has Elaine worked here for 45 years? Her answer is  ‘’It is just like a family here, we are all connected, we all support and care about each other. There is also the excitement of the job being different every day.’’Elaine even recalls people camping outside the venue to be able to buy tickets to a Daniel O’Donnell concert, she was giving out coffee to people and making sure they were okay before finishing her shift at 10.30pm before going home.

Out of work, Elaine has a daughter and spends her time helping out with her 3 grandsons, one of which also works here. She is a sports fan, watching anything from the Grand Prix to football. She also loves her gardening.

For Elaine the most memorable moment of her career so far was opening night, the atmosphere was electric and the feeling of excitement filled the venue. From her time here so far, she says it has given her many wonderful memories and lots of good times.

It would be impossible to summarise all of what Elaine has experienced and gained from her 45 years here so far, but we’re sure she is going to continue to be a brilliant ambassador for the future of Bliss Space.