Meet Monica, our wonderful Bliss Maker!

This week we caught up with our wonderful Housekeeping Assistant, Monica, also known as a ‘Bliss Maker’ within our newly re-branded Bliss Hotel.

Monica has worked in housekeeping since September 2017, after making the decision to change her career path from a chef and move into a different area of the hospitality industry. With a 4-month-old baby, she found that this job role would suit her work/life balance much better, and luckily, it’s worked out great for her and her family.

What do you enjoy about working for Bliss Hotel?

I love working within such a friendly department, where our standards of cleanliness are to the highest quality, and the whole team take pride in their work to make sure the guests are happy.
I feel that I work in such a lovely environment and the morale of the team is really motivating.

What is it about Housekeeping that you most enjoy?

As well as being able to make sure guests have the loveliest rooms to check in to, the hours work great for me with having a young child, I get to arrive at 9am and finish by 3pm, so I’m no longer working late shifts anymore.

The team I work with all have a great bond, we all go for lunch together at work after a busy morning of servicing the Hotel rooms, we receive free lunches whilst at work so it’s one less thing for me to have to remember in the morning. I’m also really enjoying the freedom of what to wear now that we don’t have to wear a set uniform, I’m so comfortable being allowed to wear my own clothes, especially as housekeeping is such a physical job!

What is your happiest memory of working here?

One day a guest approached me in the corridor whilst I was working and asked me if I had cleaned their room that morning, to which I replied yes. They also asked me if I had serviced their room the previous day, to which I said yes.  I wasn’t sure where the conversation was going until they smiled and said they were so happy with the room and only wanted me to clean it for the rest of their stay because my standard was so good. To get feedback like that made me happy and feel appreciated in what I do every day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I would like to aim for a housekeeping supervisor position as my next step in progressing in my career. It is also exciting to think that I could also learn other areas of the business as my child gets a bit older and my availability to work longer hours increases.

And finally, whilst you’re not here delighting our guests, what do you enjoy doing out of work?

I love spending time with my son and my family, most of my family also live in Southport, they’ve moved over from Madeira like I have and we like spending time with each other and enjoying nice food together.

We firmly believe that Monica’s career will continue to evolve in the years ahead. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our fantastic team members like Monica, by joining our Bliss Life Facebook page

If you think you would like to come on board as a ‘Bliss Maker’ we would welcome the chance to speak to you. Please email your interest to our HR Administrator, Carolyn: or call 01704 516220.

We look forward to hearing from you!